"You're disrespectin' me aren'tcha!?" ~ Zazz

Zazz is one of the members of the Deadly Six led by Zavok and one of the contestants of Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3 after the events of the Super Plush Mario episode Rise of the Zeti. He could easily be described as the wild one of the Deadly Six due to his crazy behavior. He hasn't got much of a role aside from terrorizing the Koopa Troop, and eventually being in Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3 until his elimination in episode 11.


It is unknown as to how Zazz came to meet with the other Zeti. However, he was taught by Master Zik. He and the other members of the Deadly Six were then found by Kammy. Kammy then introduced them to Bowser, where he acted as a higher up minion. Of the group, Zazz was obviously the craziest. Eventually, Zazz and the Deadly Six's plans were revealed; to eliminate Bowser and take control of his army. After a battle with Trooper, Zazz went down in battle. He was then sent alongside the other Deadly Six members in a box to Dr. Eggman.

On Stuffed Fluffed Island

Zazz was one of the more athletic players on Team Regirock. He proved to be quite powerful in challenges.


Zazz is tall, lanky and hunches over other individals. He has purple skin, a purple tail, and with black legs. He has purple toenails and fingernails. Zazz also has ears with a purple and black design. He also has a set of pointed teeth and a large blue tongue that is always out of his mouth.


Out of all the Zeti in the group, Zazz can easily be described as the most craziest of the bunch. He's willing to challenge others for a fight and won't hesitate to lose or stop until his opponent is to quote "going home in a box". Disrespect him and he's sure to make others regret that they ran into him. Despite his wild behavior though, he's not really bright.

Episode Appearances

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  • LuigiFan00001's Twelve Days of Christmas 2015


"And just where do you think you're goin'?"

"Finally, I've been itchin' for a fight all day!"

"You were lucky this time!"


  • Zazz is the only member of the Deadly Six to join the game.