"WOOMY~!"- Woomy, The Stupid Misadventures of King K Rool: Wrath of the Woomy Edit

Woomy is a character who had first appeared in the fourth episode of The Stupid Misadventures of King K Rool. In the episode, she had appeared as the main antagonist, as an annoying squid girl who caused nothing but trouble. However, she plays a more heroic role in Super Plush Pacman, where she accompanies PacMan in his misadventures. Her weapons included her splattershot pro, and her paintsurfer.

Appearance Edit

Woomy has orange hair, with a white shirt and black pants with an orange stripe. She also wears pink shoes, and has pointed ears. Woomy's speech pattern consists usually of either gibberish or her own name.

Episode Appearances Edit

The Stupid Misadventures of King K Rool: Woomy's first appearance, where she acted as a sneaky, tricky villainess. She would often try to antagonize King K Rool and Shovel Knight by trolling them with ink, and her large ego. It was not until Propeller Knight intervened that Woomy had been defeated. When this occurred, Woomy had been anchored by her behind, to Propeller Knight's airship.

She plays another major role in Super Plush Pacman: Doodled Pac!, where she was "partners" with Dreamcatcher as an art-traveling duo. At first, she seems to be frightened of what she was doing by participating in Dreamcatcher's schemes since Dreamcatcher was a "translator" for Woomy, but she only used her for money and her art skills so that way she could make her own dream body. But as soon as PacMan was captured and was about to be destroyed along with Dr. Buttocks, she decided to step up and free them from the net. After the battle with Doodle Pac and Dreamcatcher, she thanked PacMan and then hoped to accompany him sometime in the near future.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Though originally, Woomy's name was "Inkling," her name sounded too generic, so it had been changed.
  • Woomy's episode was the first LuigiFan00001 video to use Splatoon related remixes.
  • Though in all actuality, one cannot surf on a PaintRoller in game, Woomy can due to breaking logic.
  • LuigiFan00001 wanted her personality to be like the Inklings from the gMod episodes involving Splatoon. In those videos, Inklings were crazy troublemakers.

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