"AHHHUHAH!!" - Wilhelm's scream when dying

Wilhelm the Zombie is a buckethead zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Plush, though specifically in Season 2. Though Wilhelm does not have many lines, he is usually seen as one of the higher powered zombies due to the large bucket often seen on his head.


On an expedition through the jungles with some buddies, Wilhelm drowned in a lake after tripping on a vine. He screamed his scream, then ate the brains of the rest of his group.


Wilhelm is a regular zombie wearing a blue cap and a bucket.


Stupid. Incredibly stupid. He appears to have an attachment to his hat. Never talks unless absolutely necessary.


Plants vs. Zombies Plush Season 2: Snorkel and Ra Zombie: Wilhelm first appearance and meets his new zombie comrades.

Plants vs. Zombies Plush Season 2: The Puffshrooms!: Wilhelm screams for the first time in series.

Plants vs. Zombies Plush Season 2: Ed's Energy Attack: He's a minor zombie in the episode.

Plants vs. Zombies Plush Season 2: Air Raid!: In this episode, Wilhelm, along with most of the other zombies got to meet The Duke of Flies, Monstro, Gemini and Larry Jr. for the first time.

Plants vs. Zombies Plush Season 2: Slot Machine: Wilhelm felt sorry for Ed's pig's death.

Plants vs. Zombies Plush Season 2: Four Bosses at the Gallop!: Wilhelm, along with the other zombies had met Lagiacrus, Super Brainz and Mettaton.


  • Wilhelm is an obvious reference to the infamous Wilhelm Scream.
  • The weakness of Wilhelm is actually his hat that he constantly wears.
  • Despite not speaking much, Wilhelm often giggles to himself.