"I feel like a zombie right now..." Wall-nut, Season 1, Episode 1

Wall-nut is one of the many plants in Plants vs. Zombies Plush, or in some cases he was known as the Nostalgia Nut back in older videos. He helps out the plants with not only his defense as a wall, but he has his knowledge on certain zombies or strange things that can help out the plants in any shape or way. He might not be in the Garden Ops, but he sure is one big help to the plants, even if he plays mostly as the defense plant alongside with Tall-nut.


Wall-nut was one of Peashooter's friends when first being planted. He has since been one of the main defensive plants. Wall-nut is also seen as the voice of reason in some occasions when quarrels occur.


Wall-nut is a calm, but often nerdy character. He is also known to be awkward, at least around Heavenly Peach. Wall-nut can also be seen as one of the brains of the group of plants, since he seems to know a lot of stuff, especially on crystals or Plantoid-Z.




"D-do you like cartoons?"

"What did I ever do to you!?"


  • As of recent, he and Heavenly Peach seem to be a couple.
  • Wall-nut only desires making others happy. This is why he is a defensive plant.
  • He is known to have seen The Shining.
  • Wall-nut is also spelled as Walnut or Wallnut.