"The following video may or may not contain language not suitable for those who gets offended easily." - warning before each video until July of 2016

The Painter Boss was the announcer for warnings before every video until July of 2016. In Plants vs. Zombies Plush, Episode 13 of Season 2, Coney and Newspaper met, and fought him. After this fight, he became defunct, and instead, Aviator replaced him as the announcer.


The Painter Boss has a large toolbox for a head. He has a white hat atop his head. His mouth also moves due to his two eyes having velcro underneath. He has a blue shirt and white overalls. Also wielding a paintbrush, Painter has a roller as well. He wields black shoes and a brown belt.

As part of the cast

As a part of the cast he played the role of telling people that "This video may or may not contain language that may not be suitable for those who get offended easily".

In Plants Vs. Zombies Plush

In the Plants vs. Zombies Plush episode Just What the Doctor Ordered, he acts as a boss in Dr. Krankcase's lab. Coney and Newspaper found him in the painting room, reading off the message before the video starts. The two zombies were startled at first, but then they asked the Painter where Head Zombie is, but the Painter doesn't know the name until Coney told him the physical features of him, which the Painter instantly recognized as the prisoner for Dr. Krankcase. In order to rescue him however, the two zombies must battle the Painter. Eventually after Coney paints a seaking to charge into the Painter's toolbox head, eventually he choked, knowing that "it must have been something he ate", and eventually died. He later appeared in The Boss Hunt Part 2, as one of the bosses for the zombies in Wave 2.

Life after the Warning Messages

Painter appeared in an episode of Robot Peashooter, and also announces the Lost Level episodes.

He returns in the LuigiFan Movie "The Rise of Dr. Wily", where he was found by Dr. N Tropy in the trash, reconstructed for the better to help the four doctors defeat Dr. Wily and his robots.


  • He originates From Castle Crashers, created by The Behemoth.
    • The Painter Boss has his original voice in Plants vs. Zombies Plush.
      • His voice is a PlainTalk voice known as Boing.
  • Due to the Painter's death in Season 2 Episode 13 of Plants vs. Zombies Plush, The profanity was removed until Season 3, Episode 1 of Plants vs. Zombies Plush, This can be hinted by the censor bleeps in the videos.