"Crayons! Make the world go 'round." ~ Monstro

Legend of Monstro cover

The Legend of Monstro is a new spin-off show on LuigiFan00001's channel. The show revolves around Monstro and his long-lived quest to find the crayons so he can make a rainbow. Why he wants crayons though still remains a mystery. After Mew and Mewtwo discover a way to repel Monstro from Total Stuffed Fluffed Island via a force field, Monstro reunites with his fellow Basement Boys (Gemini, Larry Jr., and Duke of Flies). He then gets the idea to go on an adventure to find the crayons he's looking for so he can make a rainbow. Why he wants to make a rainbow remains a mystery to the rest of the boys, but they go along with him. On the way Monstro encounters various opponents who may or may not have the crayons he's looking for, including a brand new evil who's willing to destroy the world...

Main Characters


Bosses (Crayon Keepers)

Episode List

  1. The Legend of Monstro: Cuphead Clash!
  2. The Legend of Monstro: War of the Woomy!
  3. The Legend of Monstro: Tussle with Taranza!
  4. The Legend of Monstro: The Marie Mission
  5. The Legend of Monstro: Hustle for Heracross
  6. The Legend of Monstro: Attack on Air Man!
  7. The Legend of Monstro: Power to the Peacock
  8. The Legend of Monstro: Robobo's Rampage
  9. The Legend of Monstro: The Gambler's Gauntlet
  10. The Legend of Monstro: Off the Hook
  11. The Legend of Monstro: Wasabi's Wonderful Weapon
  12. The Legend of Monstro: Final Showdown with Shurara


  • Marie is the only contestant in Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3 to appear in the show.
  • This show introduces Shurara, Cuphead, Mugman, Peacock, Mekeke, Monokuma and AirMan for the first time.
  • Despite Mewtwo making a shield around the island to prevent Monstro from entering the island, he is still able to get in the island as seen in Mech Mania.