"Heheheheh..... The Enchantress and Lord Betrayus are just full of wonders. They granted me new life so that way I may take YOURS!" ~ Before battling Specter Knight, Super Plush Pacman: Of Clyde and a Lichyard

Specter Knight is a member of the Order of No Quarter and a recurring character in Super Plush PacMan. He's the ruler of the Lich Yard with various ghosts and skeletons as his minions. He was the first boss PacMan encountered and fought in the episode "Of Clyde and a Lichyard", and since then this spooky knight has been appearing in some other episodes, whether it be cameo appearances or various scenes. Since his encounter with PacMan he holds a grudge against him to this day.


Specter Knight dons a red cloak, that has black legging. Four skulls are his shoulder cuffs, two on each side. He dons a mask-like helmet, as well as brown boots. Finally, he has a large red scythe, that he is always seen carrying.


Dead. Dead on the inside. Specter Knight often shows zero emotion in his voice, seeing as how much he has to go through every day surrounded by a lot of idiots. Specter Knight at least tries to be scary to intimidate his foes or anyone who trespasses on his Lich Yard, but unfortunately for him no one seems to be scared by him, much to his constant annoyance.

As PacMan's Enemy

Being the first opponent PacMan ever fought, it is easy to see why Specter Knight cannot stand PacMan. However, he is forced to remember when the lemon entered his Lich Yard, as he often appears in the shenanigans of PacMan in one way or another. PacMan also jumps for joy whenever he sees Specter Knight. He claims to hate PacMan, but deep down inside, he is trying to make friends with him.

With the Order

Although Specter Knight is annoyed with everything around him, he acts less villainous and annoyed when PacMan is not around. He often gets annoyed by Plague Knight and his Bird Nerds in particular.

Episode Appearances


"Ugh, why do I live with you all of a sudden?"

"This is my *insert emotion* face."

"Who lives six feet underground? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS."

"This is gonna be fun."




  • Being LuigiFan's favorite member of The Order, Specter Knight gets the most screen time.
  • It is unknown if Specter Knight and PacMan are in a relationship or not.
  • Specter is commonly referred to as "Spoopy."
  • His Lich Yard is often filmed in an actual cemetery.
  • Specter Knight in someway or another supposedly appears in almost every episode of Super Plush PacMan.