"But I want the Peashooter!"- Snow Pea, Episode 11, Season 1

Snow Pea is one of the characters in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. She does not play as large as a role in Season 2 compared to Season 1. She is in love with Peashooter, and will do literally anything to get him to go on a date with her. However, in The Taco, she has given up her crush on Peashooter, and is now dating Gatling Pea.


She appears as a peashooter, but the only major difference is her cerulean-colored head, and the fact she can spit peas that are frozen, hence her title name.


Snow Pea is similar to that of an obsessed stalker. She used to obsess over Peashooter (her attraction to him is not explained however.) Now, as of recent episodes, she has been more tame, and has gone for Gatling Pea, curing her stalker personality. She has then become more mature, and has even joined the Garden Ops as a Peashooter class.


"You had your chance, pea-head, but I'm going with a plant that has personality~"


"Dude, just stop whining."

"Ha! Talk about a cold encounter."

"Let's cool things down in here."'

"God! Sunflowerstein this! Sunflowerstein that! Sunflowerstein! Sunflowerstein!! SUNFLOWERSTEIN!"

"Hey! I suppose you don't mind if I do... THIS!?"


  • Sometimes her voice will switch every now and again.
  • Originally appearing as a pseudo-antagonist, she was given more personality later on around Season 2.
  • She even became more competitive.
  • Her data was used to create Zombotany 2. Due to her being female, the zombie's gender is unconfirmed, though speculated as male.