"Hmph...I have no idea how I even got here." ~ Polar Knight, "Super Plush Mario: Rise of the Zeti"

Polar Knight is a grumpy viking-like knight who had first appeared in "Super Plush Mario: Rise of the Zeti". He is the brute muscle of the Order of No Quarter, and was once friends with the Blue Burrower himself. He is the strong, silent type, usually either murmuring, or grumbling under his breath. He is quite serious, but when times get rough, and battles are required, he will leave his opponents on ice!


Polar Knight wears brown coat with a large furry backside. He has wristbands on his hands and feet and also has two large spikes on his shoulders. He often wields a giant snow-shovel which he uses to not only dig up his opponents, but to shovel up snow onto his opponents! He also wears a viking's helmet, which exposes his beard and his face.

Episode Appearances

  • Super Plush Mario: Rise of the Zeti: Polar Knight's first (and currently only) appearance is in this episode. This episode features Polar Knight as a supporting hero, assisting Bowser and his elite soldiers in driving out The Deadly Six. He is first seen with Kammy, calling him a hunk. Polar Knight assists in delivering the finishing blow to Zavok at the end of the episode with a snowball. At the end of the episode, Polar Knight helps Kamek ship the Zeti to Dr. Eggman. In fact, he did all of the physical work himself.


  • Ironically enough, Treasure Knight appeared in a show one day before Polar Knight did.
  • Polar Knight has the fewest lines out of any member of the group.