"This story makes no sense! There. Now it makes sense! Nerd~"

Plague Knight is a loony alchemist knight whom is a member of the Order of No Quarter, even if he can get on the others' nerves a lot, specifically Specter Knight and Tinker Knight. While there are times he does not make any major roles as of right now, he can be seen here and their causing mischief with his fellow Bird Nerds and/or trolling his fellow friends, whether for harm or just for fun. However, as silly and crazy as he is, do not let him deceive you, for he is powerful when it comes to his mastery in alchemy and weaponry.


Plague Knight has a plague doctor design to him. He wields a green bird mask-like helmet, with a blue hood.


Plague Knight is an insane nerd. However, he is still intelligent, being able to concoct bombs. He appears to have an interest in Tinker Knight, as he often calls him a nerd. Plague also tends to get either bored or irritated quickly, and when this happens, he claims that the item of his annoyance does not make sense.

Episode Appearances

As Chef Piggy's "Customer"

Plague Knight intruded upon Chef Piggy's kitchen. He did this to save Tinker Knight from certain doom. Battling Arnold, Plague Knight threw bombs and used his "Staff of Shoryuken" to attack Arnold.




"Are you alright Tinker~? Did the big bad zombie get you~?"

"BOOM! Hee hee!"

"Usually, I hate to agree with you, for you're always full of nonsense and ridiculous ideas! But in this case, I say we blow him up! Hee hee hee hee hee~!"


  • Although he has plague minions, the most notable of them all have to be the three Bird Nerds.
  • He has a habit of calling others "nerds".
  • Plague Knight is one of LuigiFan's favorite members of The Order alongside Specter Knight.