"I'm PacMan. Make me a sandwich!" - PacMan

PacMan himself is a big yellow blob, who is also one of the popular characters on LuigiFan00001's channel. He tends to act dopey towards his situations that he gets himself into, and act either like an idiot or a jerk towards whoever he encounters. His first appearance was in Super Plush Mario: PacMan for Smash, which he then became the main protagonist of his own series: Super Plush PacMan.


PacMan himself is a yellow Pac-Person, with orange gloves and red boots. He is so popular, his eyes are in the shape of himself. His nose has a half cylinder shape to it. He had once dressed as a magician in Super Plush PacMan: PacMan's Show and Pinky.

List of Episode Appearances:

  • Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 2: Episode 50: Finale (Technically)
  • Super Plush Mario: PacMan for Smash (First actual appearance)
  • Super Plush Mario: The Amiibo Hunt I
  • The Misadventures of King K Rool: The Smash Tourney
  • Super Plush Mario: The Second Hunt

Notable Appearances

PacMan's own Show, in where he goes on various adventures, yet can eat ghosts since he had beaten Level 256.

The Amiibo Hunts: PacMan lures Sonic, MegaMan and Mario into Amiibo Hunting with him.

Super Plush Mario: PacMan for Smash: PacMan has a hatred for BurgerTime, and eats Bowser Jr.


"You smell."

"I ship it! Goodbye, and good RIDDANCE."



"Bye bye! Have a nice day!"

"Nobody, AND I MEAN NOBODY takes my damn title!"

"Heeere's PACCY!"

"I mean really, just be yourself! Who cares about what you look like!"

"LOOK AT HOW MUCH I CARE! ... Quite a bit actually."

"I got two of Dr. Albert... does that mean I got a boo-boo?"


  • PacMan is 36 years old.
  • He is actually LuigiFan00001's favorite character on the show, seeing as how ridiculous he can be.
  • Depending on which series, he can be either a slight jerk or an idiot. The same can be said for Mario.
  • PacMan is strong enough to break bones when hugging.
  • PacMan himself started the amiibo hunts in Super Plush Mario.
  • Before PacMan was even a hero, he was a bad guy that starred in an old movie called "Mario vs. PacMan", which was cancelled early on out. It's apparently one of the zombies' favorite movies, and part 3 never came out. Surprisingly, Mario vs. PacMan never aired on the channel.