"Boss, what if this plan fails?" ~ Norm's old catchphrase

Zombie, also known as Norm, is a character in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. Originally appearing as a slightly stupid character, and one who always disrupted Head Zombie's plans, he eventually became a regular zombie. In the first episode; The Zombies Attack, Zombie had a motorcycle, but it got jammed. He then died in the process. 


Since he's a normal zombie, he doesn't appear as any different than the other Zombies, but he basically wears a brown shirt with a red tie, along with blue pants and brown shoes, like every normal zombie.


Norm is usually stupid, but in a plain and simple way. To explain it as best as possible, he's not insane but he's also not silly, just in the middle of the two.

The thing to remember about Norm is that depending on what tools he uses, his personality changes. For instance, when he has the surfboard, he has a surfer-like personality, or when he has the tank commander outfit, he has an army general personality.


This zombie was once a stupid business man. He died from tripping over his foot into cement.

Episode Appearance


"Boss, what if this plan fails?"

"Ooooohh... okay you can have it."


"Chirp. Chirp. Chirp."

"Master! You came to save me!"

"There's a kernel in my shirt!"

"(High Pitch voice) Yeees masterrr" ~Says this again in Royal End


  • LuigiFan00001 has confirmed the kernel from episode 4 is no longer in his shirt, "As funny as that would be."
  • When he turns into Battalion, he changes completely, but eventually he had to give up his status to Steven, since Norm is a basic zombie and won't be anything more.
  • Norm is the first zombie to ever appear on the channel.