"Look here buddy, diggin' is my middle name." ~ Mole Knight, Super Plush Pacman: King of the Cookies

Mole Knight is a member of the Order of No Quarter and known for his love for cookies. While he can seem innocent at times, don't let it fool you, since he's determined for any fight and obstacle that comes across his path. While he played an antagonist role in Super Plush Mario: The King Thing, helping King Knight and the Enchantress try to take over the Koopa Castle, he acts as an ally in Super Plush PacMan: King of the Cookies when he helps PacMan and Pinky put an end to Blinky's tyrannical rule and currency by eating all the cookies while Blinky himself is distracted by PacMan.


Mole Knight is one of the members of The Order of No Quarter. But ever since Mole was little, he loved cookies, since they were the most delicious things he could eat. He loved them so much he wanted to be a baker someday. But when he became a baker, he started to eat all the cookies, and then they fired him, and then he decided to become a knight since the Order saw him for who he was. Sometime after Shield Knight was trapped in the Tower of Fate, Mole Knight joined.


Mole Knight has a child-like nature. While he may have brute strength and fire abilities, he is easily manipulated by food and rewards. Mole Knight means no real harm, but is often is manipulated by food. He speaks with a Western-sounding accent.

Episode Appearances


"You keep sayin that, I'm just in it for the cookies."

"Deal with it bro."

"Wait, these were your cookies? I thought they were made for eating, not for making a form of currency."



"Tinker, you've grown!!"

"*sighs* That boy ain't right."


  • Mole Knight was the third member of the Order of No Quarter to be seen on the channel.
  • He was the second knight to appear in the PacMan series, and the first in the Mario series.
  • Mole Knight is the youngest member of the Order of No Quarter at 22.