"None of you know how to guide anything! Fortunately, I shall be your tour guide for today." ~ Lord Brevon's introduction

Lord Arktivus Brevon appears as one of the serious villains and a newer plush on the LuigiFan00001's channel. He first appears as a major antagonist in the Super Plush Mario episode "Bowser's Bad Guy Meeting", noticing that the villainous group doesn't get anything accomplished and decides to overthrow Bowser's place as the leader of the meeting, though he aquantices Deli to assist him as the shapeshifter for the team. However, his invasion became thwarted by Bowser and a team of some other kicked out villains so they could get the happy endings. Eventually he was ultimately defeated by King K Rool. Where his whereabouts are afterwards remain a mystery.


It's hard to say of what Brevon really is aside of being a green alien with red eyes. He also appears to have eyebrows that resemble Eggman's mustache, and a orange very techy-like outfit that bares a bit of a midriff. He also dons a brown cape to add to it.


Cold and ruthless, he's a definite example of a villain whom has succeeded in the past. However, despite his serious moments, there are tiny bits where he'll have a bit of fun, just not as much as some others. He'll often make sarcastic remarks at others whom defy him, or he'll simply hurt them one way or another. Brevon also seems to have some knowledge of higher beings such as the Master Hand, whom believes is one of the reasons why the bad guys don't win as much, but only someone by the name of "Crow" has succeeded without being controlled by the Master Hand.

Episode Appearances


"All I'm sensing is plotting and planning, when you should be out there obliterating them! I don't understand any of you. What makes any of you so special anyway?"

"You have all the mentality of PacMan; right down to the 'Make me a sandwich!' line."

"I would love a second set of eyebrows."

"Well stayed tuned, because here comes the juicy part!"

"My... my Dreadnought! My ship! This will take years to repair!"

"That's all fine and good, but I've got my number two right here~"

"Ughh... this is why I work alone..."

"Someone needs to be serious in this situation! Why not yours truly?"

"Heh... no matter, we can still work this out. I'm sure two out of three wishes sound like a 'deadly' idea~"


  • Lord Brevon is one of the most serious villains on LuigiFan's channel.
  • Although he is technically aware of the Master Hand, Brevon has not seeked it out.