"Sup." - Lily Pad, Plants vs Zombies Plush: Snorkler and Raa Zombie

Lily Pad is a character from Plants vs Zombies Plush. He has only appeared currently in one episode, that being: Plants vs Zombies Plush: Snorkler and Raa Zombie. He does not speak much, and his only purpose was to carry Snapdragon across the water. He appears to be weak though, or he quits easily, since he gave up to Snorkler Zombie, even though there was nothing he could do.

In Episode 5 of Season 2, Lily Pad carries Cactus, or Paco, and they work together to defeat the zombies. He says "Uh oh.", as he gets pulled under the water by Duckweed.

In Episode 6, he explains what the slot machine that Peashooter collected does. According to him, the plants can only get rid of it when the zombies are defeated. He gets eaten by Jocky The Football Zombie.

Episode Appearances Edit

Lily Pad appears in Episode 1 of Season 2 as a plant from Dr. Sunflowerstein.

Lily Pad appears in Episode 5 of Season 2 carrying Paco.

Lily Pad appears in Episode 6 of Season 2 explaining the Slot Machine.

Trivia Edit

  • Lily Pad was the final plant given by Dr. Sunflowerstein.
  • Lily Pad seems to hate it when the waters in the pool go down, as mentioned in Episode 2 of Season 2.

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