"SORRY I'M LATE EVERYBODY!" ~ King Pig's Catchphrase when charging in

King Pig is the main antagonist of the Angry Birds Plush series. However, he has also been portrayed as either a hero, or as a silly character. Being one of the main characters of the channel, King Pig has a lot of screen time, often seen doing something stupid.


King Pig originates from the Angry Birds Series. He is from the classic series, not from the cartoon or the movie. Furthermore, this version of King Pig is LuigiFan's own alternate version of the character.


King Pig is a large green pig head with a crown on his head and a silly look on his face. His crown is the only evidence that he is royalty, being passed down his family for generations. The crown has blue and red crystals within.


Although he's the ruler of the pigs, King Pig can be seen as one of the silliest characters to date. Whether it be annoying Chef Piggy or plotting to steal the eggs from his enemies, the birds, he deems is childish personality, but in the most fun way possible. However, he does throw some temper tantrums sometimes, even pouting when something doesn't go his way. He is a worthy opponent to fight though!

Episode Appearances

  • Angry Birds Plush
  • Angry Birds Go
  • Angry Birds Bosses
  • Super Plush Mario: Morton vs. King Pig
  • Cooking ala Chef Piggy: Scrambled Yoshis


"What happened? Where's my freakin' cake? ... SOMEBODY ATE IT!!"

"This is the best day ever! Now I have two consciousnesses!"



"What the cheeseballs is going on here?!"

"The Narrator: One day the king pig was bored as usual," "I'm so bored! There's nothing to do today!" ~ at the start of each episode

"A sand alligator?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!" ~ When Red Bird tells him about sand alligators on the beach

"YOU MUST BE LEONARD!!" ~ When he first sees Leonard

"I see you came back with your little arms and your little legs! GO HOME, LEONARD!! YOU NEVER BE THE KING!"

"*Hee hee! I'm having fun! I'm having fun! Are you having fun piggies?" ~ Playing in the Pool



  • In recent episodes of Angry Birds Plush, there's a new running gag; where King Pig holds a grudge against Leonard whenever he arrives, in which case his voice and attitude changes, sounding similar to Mr. Clipboard from Foodfight, until Leonard leaves.