"Freeze!!" - Iceberg Lettuce's catchphrase

Iceberg Lettuce is a calm, cold, piece of lettuce and one of the many plants in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. She first appeared in Bolbi the Imp, at the very end of the episode. She doesn't appear in many episodes, but still remains in the series as a relative of the Pult Brothers. Later in Season 3, she became a member of the Garden Ops, as a Tank Class, similar to Citron.


Iceberg Lettuce is a blue piece of frozen lettuce with big black eyes. She is often calm, with a higher voice.


Notably, she's a very calm and often shy little plant. She doesn't like things that are too loud, but when zombies are on the prowl, she's willing to do her best to freeze any zombie that steps on her, even if it would cost her own life.


Plants vs. Zombies Plush

Season 1

In Episode 12, Iceberg Lettuce is dropped by Buckethead after the Zombies retreat. Dr. Sunflowerstein rushes over to help and asks if Iceberg Lettuce is okay. Afterwards, Kernel-pult questions why she's out here before she reveals she was captured.

In Episode 13, Iceberg Lettuce froze Head Zombie's car.

In Special 2, Iceberg Lettuce was launched at Chef Piggy.

In Episode 14, Iceberg Lettuce froze Hambone.

In Episode 17, Iceberg Lettuce seemed to be unsure about betraying the plants, unlike Melon-pult. Later, she froze Ducktube and Coney, in which Coney responded by singing "Let it Go."

In Episode 19, Iceberg Lettuce once again froze Ducktube.

Season 2

In Episode 8, Iceberg Lettuce was one of the plants that were amazed by the Imitater's ability. She also had a short discussion with Peashooter involving Plant Food, and managed to freeze Bolbi.

In Episode 11, Iceberg Lettuce was one of the plants discussing the personality traits of Peashooter. She was launched with others in the first attack against the Zombies. Ed also used Iceberg Lettuce to stop the fight over the Taco.

In Episode 13, Iceberg Lettuce froze the Big Blue Bubble Blower Breethousand.

In Episode 14, Iceberg Lettuce played a bigger role then usual. She was attacked directly by Lobber, although it missed. Later, she asked for a balloon and received one, although she was attacked by another one afterwards. She then threw her balloon at Lobber, who then had to make some more water balloons. To end her part on the defense, she froze Steven.

Season 3

In Episode 1, Iceberg Lettuce tried to calm down the Tactical Cuke, which actually worked. After this, she went with Citron, Tactical Cuke, and Sunny on the blue raft.

In Episode 2, Iceberg Lettuce used her Plant Food to stop the tension on the Backyard Offensive, effectively freezing every zombie.

In Short 1, Iceberg Lettuce came out to battle with Citron. She was one of the last remaining plants left alive in battle, and this was also the first episode where she used ice balls to attack.

In Episode 3, Iceberg Lettuce froze Hopper after he went into the wrong lane.

In Episode 4, Iceberg Lettuce was put under fire by the Zombotanies. In the aftermath, Zombotany 1 was frozen.

In Episode 5, Iceberg Lettuce fought with other Plants and Steven to take down Hopper and Pete. Not too long after though, she was annihilated by a bunch of zombies.

In Episodes 6-8, Iceberg Lettuce froze Hopper, Hammer and Arnold respectively.

In Episode 9, Iceberg Lettuce was put under fire by the Zombatonies again. Zombotany 1 was once again frozen.

In Episode 10, Iceberg Lettuce froze Pirate Zombie.

In Episode 12, Iceberg Lettuce first took down Gemini, followed by freezing Head Zombie in the next round. After this, however, she was blown up by Lobber.

In Episode 14, Iceberg Lettuce froze Buckethead.

In Episode 15, Iceberg Lettuce tried to help with defense, but was quickly taken down by Captain George.

In Episode 16, Iceberg Lettuce was used to defend against the incoming Fire Ball, and in doing so froze the Zombot.



"Just chill out!"

"Can you throw a balloon at me please? *hit by one* Thank you. *hit by another* Ah!"

"Please be quiet? Please?"

"Hey you, don't move! In other words, freeze!"



  • Iceberg Lettuce is one of the few female characters voiced by LuigiFan, others include Female Meowstic, Dr. Wasabi and Painwheel.
  • Despite being one of the members of the Pult Brothers, she happens to have a different ability and design.
    • She's also the youngest of the siblings.
      • To top that off, she isn't even male.