"You shall soon find out why they call me Hammer!" ~ Hammer

Hammer (or Mallet) is the leader of the Kung Fu Team of Zombies alongside his companions Boomer and Gong, whom they all made their appearance in the debut episode of Season 3, "Royally Rotten". He's much smarter than his dumb team, even if there are times when he will accidentally mistake the wrong side. Despite being the leader of his team, he still serves Yasser, the God of Wealth.


Unlike the rest of the zombies, Hammer is one of the few zombies to have facial hair, that being his brown beard. He also seems to have an angry expression on his face. Clothing wise, Hammer doesn't wear much besides a brown kilt with a red belt, blue pants underneath, and black shoes. Accessory wise he has two gold wristbands with rubies on both of his wrists.


Many years of discipline and dedication have made Hammer into a proud hammer wielding warrior. While some warriors used the sword of the "Nest of Bees", Hammer made sure that his mallet was the greatest of all! He even tried to prove this to the emperor of the Kung Fu World. However, it didn't end up too well, as he ended up knocking out the Emperor's Royal Adviser. "Off with his head," went the emperor, and soon Hammer had been killed. However, Hammer returned, using his hammer as a weapon of vengeance. He then met up with two other zombies, Gong and Boomer. Taking a leadership role, Hammer became the leader of The Kung Fu Team, although working for Yasser, the God of Wealth.

Episode Appearances

Since of Season 3 of Plants vs. Zombies Plush, he has appeared in every episode in that season alongside with the rest of the team, even in the Robot Peashooter episode "Hands off my Woody".


"You zombies need toughening up! Why? Because you're working with the enemy!"

"In that case... I WANT AN ICE-CREAM!"

"Both of you focus! We must win this! We must get the brains!"

"I can't believe this plan is actually working!"

"I acknowledge you for defending me, but I must go down in vain..."

"Without me, our team is useless! I'm the only one that the leader cares for! And now to put an end to you!"

"Nope. We don't need another one."


  • Hammer is the leader over the Kung Fu Team.
  • Hammer is seen as one of the more competent zombies.
  • He is considered a slight rival to Head Zombie.