"No! Please stay away! Don't come any closer!" ~ Giratina

Giratina is the ruler of the Distortion World, as well as one of Arceus's children. Out of all of them, he is the oldest of the family, albiet the most timid and fearful of the bunch. While it is true he has created many evil entities, he really means no harm and wishes to help out one way or another, unfortunately, it doesn't go as planned and backfires as something as truly evil, which explains his banishment to the Distortion World. This is why he tells others to stay away from him, because he does not want others to be hurt by him unless if they are asking for a VERY risky challenge.


While it is unknown of what Giratina is supposed to be, though he appears as a centipede/dragon-like light gray creature with six legs with golden rings surrounding his body. He also has dark gray wings with three red spikes on each.


While Giratina appears as an intimidating creature, he is extremely fearful and timid by nature, not wanting others to get hurt by him. However, he means no harm and just wants to see peace in his life, and more or less have a friend with him. He's also fond of tea parties as well.

Episode Appearances


"If you want me to go with you... you must destroy me!"

"En garde, en garde I say!"

"See what I mean? Look what I've done!"


  • Giratina was once a happy child. However, due to Arceus and his tendencies, he began to exhibit fear.
  • It is rumored that Giratina formed Delirium.