"It's just that, It's just that, You know it, Uh-Huh!" ~ Frank and George, The King Thing

Frank and George are two Galoombas and minions of Bowser. They made their first appearance in The King Thing. They may be either brothers or best friends due to their similar appearances and identical voices.


Frank is a Galoomba and a minion of Bowser. He seems to get lost either in thought or with his sense of direction, as he did not know if he was in the right room when both he and George were hired by Ludwig for the Koopa Army. He also has a British accent similar to Ludwig.


George is a Galoomba and a minion of Bowser. He is the brother or best friend of Frank, and has an English accent just like him.


  • Frank and George were originally Sandiles, but this changed so this way LuigiFan00001 could have new characters.
  • Frank has a suction cup on his head. This is the only way to tell them apart, as they appear very similar to each other.
  • They are a running gag in Super Plush Mario, as when a character says: "It's just…" two times, Frank and George appear and sing their catchphrase.
  • There have been impostors of them, the recent ones just so happens to be the goombas called "William and Penn", but that didn't last very long.