"I knew I couldn't finish you then and there, no. There has to be a battle! One will rise, one will fall, Lemonball." ~Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a member of the Doom Raiders and the main antagonist of the Super Plush PacMan episode "Doodled Pac". At first, she accompanied Woomy as an art traveling duo. Basically, Woomy sketched out a picture, and Dreamcatcher brought them to life. However, it was revealed she used Woomy only for the money and creating Doodle Pac was the first step for her to get her own dream body. Regardless in the end she was defeated by PacMan, R.O.B., and Woomy, and was placed in an air trap. It's unknown what happens to her afterwards, though it was said she is still alive, but in a different "place".


Dreamcatcher is a turquoise head with oxford blue hair and glowing white eyes. She wears a pink bow with purple dots on it, and on top of it there is a yellow flower. On top of that ,she has a heart on her left cheek and some braces on her mouth.


Although she first appears as an innocent girl, Dreamcatcher begins to develop power-hungry motives, and gets tired of PacMan's shenanigans quickly. She also has the personality of a teenage girl.

Episode Appearances


"Now I shall- (Blinky: Chomp!) Now I shall- (Blinky: Chomp!) I shall- (Blinky: Chomp!) I sha- (Blinky: Chomp!) WILL YOU KNOCK THAT OFF?!"

"Well well well, long time no see, Hatman!"

"Great, now I'm this trap. But now you want me to help? HA! Dream on!"

"Do you want me to destroy you, or not? Because I will do it. Watch."

"At least I don't have a neck beard."


  • Dreamcatcher, alongside with Chompy Mage make an appearance in the new Fourth Wall gag.
  • She is also planned as a potential contestant on Total Stuffed Fluffed Island.
    • Speaking of, she has also made an appearance in Season 3, Episode 16, where she is revealed to be a favorite customer of Mr. Hat. She'd often try out the different hats he sells.