"Come here you idiot!" ~ Battle cry

Dokuku is one of the members of the Shurara Corps, and one of the many opponents in Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3, including an ex-Calara Corps member, like his older brother Giruru as revealed in Episode 31. Making his debut in Friend or Fight, he acts as one of Luigi's many opponents to avenge the Dry Bones Squad. However, he was eventually defeated by Luigi via electricity. Dokuku also appears in The Legend of Monstro as one of the members of the Shurara Corps to help Shurara recruit some people to help him with world destruction. Dokuku tried to recruit Woomy, but he was unable to and was defeated by Monstro.


Dokuku is a ghost keronian with flames for his flaps on his hat. His right eye and mouth appear to be stitched as well, to which his left eye is pure blue. Dokuku also wields a scythe on his right hand, with his left hand being the normal hand.


Dokuku is quite crafty, thinking out his plans. However, he is also seen as a coward, especially when towards his boss's wrath.

Episode Appearances


"You may have fought with opponents that of been quite strong, but all of them were undead little skeletons, or one little ghost. But let's see... how you deal with a real ghost!"


"Sir, if I had video evidence, I would show you."


  • Of all the members of the Shurara Corps, Dokuku is one of the lowest-ranked members.
  • In the original anime he appeared in, Keroro Gunso, Dokuku did not speak.
    • The only way he could communicate was by either saying his name repetitively, or by entering the rear end of another person, possessing them in the process.