"GUYZ LOOK IT'S CRACK BANDIPOOT!" "Whoa~!" ~ Running gag whenever Crash appears

Crash Bandicoot is one of the running gags of the LuigiFan00001 channel, as he appeared in numerous videos when an unrelated character mentions his name. While Crash has appeared in some videos as a gag, he does play a starring role in the Super Plush PacMan episode "Teenage Mutant Ninja Ghosts", where he helps PacMan alongside Woomy how to stop the Ghost Gang with their new-powered masks that make them the Teenage Mutant Ninja Ghosts.


Crash appears as an orange bandicoot with red spiky hair, green eyes, brown gloves, blue jeans, and red shoes. He also can be seen with a wide grin on his face.


Crash is stupid. VERY stupid. He often relies on his wits and instinct.

Episode Appearances

  • Super Plush PacMan: Teenage Mutant Ninja Ghosts
  • Super Plush Mario: Rise of the Zeti
  • Super Plush PacMan: King of the Cookies
  • Total Stuffed Fluffed Island S3 Episode 21: The GREAT Rejoin
  • LuigiFan Movie: The Rise of Dr. Wily
  • Total Stuffed Fluffed Island S3 Episode 27: Friend or Fight
  • The Stupid Misadventures of King K Rool: King K Rool's SMASHING KREVENGE







"Uh uh! Uh uh! Uh uh!"


  • The idea of Crash being a running gag was not intentional.
  • The idea happened when someone taped a crude Crash Bandicoot drawing to their television.
  • Crash has been through other torture methods, such as being thrown into an OVEN. And yet, he still survives every time.