"HI KIDS! Chef Piggy here!" ~ Chef Piggy's intro

Chef Mathias Volcanion Piggy is one of the main antagonists of LuigiFan00001's channel. He is also the villain protagonist of his own cooking show; Cooking ala Chef Piggy. However, it is rumored that Chef Piggy is the main antagonist of the entire channel.


Chef Piggy dons a Chef Hat, distinguishing him from the other pigs. He also has a large grin and is usually seen holding a large butcher knife. In the Angry Birds Go series, he is seen sometimes riding on a cloud.


Chef Mathias Volcanion Piggy was originally born to two neglectful parents. His father just so happened to be a chef, and taught him how to cook. One night, while his parents were asleep, Chef Piggy cooked them alive, making some crispy smoked bacon. He then served this meal to King Pig, making him the royal chef. Before filming one of the episodes for his cooking show, he fed glue to a cat demon. The cat was possessed by a magical mask that granted him immortality for being freed. Now Chef Piggy awaits for his time to claim the throne.

Angry Birds Plush

Chef Piggy is a major antagonist, often seen supporting King Pig.

Angry Birds Bosses

Chef Piggy was the boss of Area 3.

Cooking ala Chef Piggy

Here, Chef Piggy is the main antagonist. He is often seen serving up vile and disgusting meals to his customers. The meals more-or-less have various plush characters grinded up inside of them, with some episodes involving him running from various cops in the end. It wasn't until the series finale Scrambled Yoshis, where his show wasn't doing too well, and Chef Piggy decides to cook up something fast, which consisted of Yoshi's eggs. Mario and Luigi decide to have themselves a taste, but it was where Chef Piggy got the eggs that triggered the two. The two then leave, promising that Chef Piggy will pay for his crimes. King Pig then came in, seeing the eggs Chef Piggy cooked up, but it wasn't until Conquest interrupted the moment, here to apprehend Chef Piggy once again. He was then fired since they know each and every one of his crimes, which the Penguin Bodyguards, whom now work for the government, say that Chef Piggy is officially condemned. They arrest him at last, but not after when Chef Piggy heard that Mario was the one that reported him, he vows revenge on the plumber, leading to another series in the making. There is a theory that chef piggy might make a escape from prison in the future series.

Angry Birds Go Plush

Chef Piggy is one of the "4 Champion Pig" bosses. Here, he was the champion of the "Air" circuit. Although not as friendly as the two pigs prior, (Cowboy and Construction), he was still seen as a friendly character towards the end of his boss fight. He congratulated Red for his victory after an intense race, and provided him with a piece of an amulet.

Villainous Moments


"HI KIDS! Chef Piggy here!"

"Cops, go away. I'm not doing anything illegal today."

"MARIO... I'll get you for this, plumber! I SWEAR OF IT!"

"Oh dear, I've made quite a mess."

"I'd rather have a mad scientist doctor with spider legs here, in a big big hat!"