"I haaate yooou!" ~ Chef Crackachu's catchphrase

Chef Crackachu was the former chef for the show Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 2. However, he was quickly placed as a contestant in the very next season. He was first on Team Regirock, and then the 43 Chars. While he is friendly albeit really grumpy, he is still quite tough and wishes nothing more then to get his kitchen back. Since he signed a contract, he unfortunately can't deny being a contestant.


Chef Crackachu is a large Pikachu plush, and nothing more. His nose does appear to have a dent within it, though that is the only differentiation from regular Pikachus.


Crackachu is a grouchy and often spiteful Pokemon. He acts in this nature mainly out of jealousy, and due to being an older character. He also loves feeling in charge, when no consequences are involved.

Episode Appearances


"The number of monkeys I could vote out and throw a wrench at!"


"Fight, fight, fight- W-WAUGH!"


"Hey, stupid! You're ruining the logic here!"

"You see, I'm like a Pikachu, but I can't evolve, and I hate my life."

"Out of my way!"


  • He is mainly based off of Chef Hatchet from Total Drama.
  • He was the last Team Regirock member standing that didn't rejoin in Season 3.
  • Apparently, he wasn't paid actual money during his job, and instead was paid in donuts.
  • In the Season 3 episode Date 'em and Bait 'em, during the challenge, he and Waluigi began to form a grandfather-grandson relationship due to a random coincidence during a chicken-flinging event. The two chickens then formed a weird-looking symbol and just like that, Waluigi promotes Crackachu as his "honorary grandson", much to Crackachu's happiness, since he never had a family before.