"Oh nooo..." ~ Buttler

Buttler is one of the recurring characters in Super Plush PacMan and the twin brother of Dr. Buttocks. As his name implies, he also happens to be Betrayus's butler, despite being abused constantly. It was also revealed that he participated in the Great Pac War with Betrayus when they were both alive.


Buttler appears as a royal purple ghost with white hair and mustache, along with a butt-shaped forehead with a black and yellow top hat on him.


Buttler is seen as uppity, arrogant and overall prideful. He has a hatred for Betrayus, seeing as how he is bossed around all the time by him. Buttler also has a hatred and also quarrels with his twin brother.

Episode Appearances

  • Super Plush PacMan: The Twins (debut and onwards)
  • LuigiFan00001's Twelve Days of Christmas 2015


"I was merely fleeing from battle sir."

"Your dinner is served."

"Mildly amusing."

"Oookay then..."


  • Why Buttler whines his "Oh No" came from a PacMan episode, where Buttler said "Oh No" in a hilarious fashion.
  • Before becoming Betrayus's minion, he was once known as "Plunger Knight."
    • Whether this is true or his imagination is unknown.