"Slap Slap Slap, Clap Clap Clap!" - Bolbi, on various occasions

Bolbi is a tiny zombie who is often seen in Plants vs. Zombies Plush, starting in the episode with his titular name, Bolbi the Imp. He would then later join the Graveyard Ops in Monkey Business as the Mech.


A little Dutch boy was once observing a well filled to the brim with coins. One day, he decided that he had found his destiny... To be a giant coin. He decided to practice his dance moves near the well to impressive the townsfolk... They weren't impressed.


He is a Tiny Zombie/Imp With A red coat and blue "pants." He also has plenty of teeth. His cousin looks exactly like him.



"Does the tiger want to slap?"

"I think Bolbi should go!"

"Hi, my name is Bolbi! I'ma very like you!"

"Brains? Brains!"

"Who's ready for slapping?"

"Oh, you shouldn't have."


  • As it turns out in Monkey Business, he can actually speak in a different voice, of course he doesn't talk in his actual voice in front of Dr. Zomboss, since if he ever found out, he would profit on it.