"I don't need help from a measly Peashooter!"- Bloomerang, Episode 5, Season 2

Bloomerang is a "shooting" plant in Plants vs. Zombies Plush. Despite his initial intentions, he has since cooled off, not actually becoming an antagonist. His desire to be the leader was intense at first, but he has since calmed down after his horrible leadership in the episodes The Puffshrooms! and Air Raid.

Physical Appearance

Bloomerang is blue on the top of his head and has boomerangs as petals.


Bloomerang originally came off as arrogant and rude to Peashooter and the other plants. This was mainly due to how he had experienced tragic events, and as such, felt he was more powerful than the others. However, after realizing that he was as equal as the others, he calmed down, and became a much friendlier and supportive character.

Episode Appearances

Plants vs. Zombies Plush

Season 1

Bloomerang's only appearance in Season 1 is a brief cameo to reference Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

Season 2

In Episode 2, Bloomerang escapes after seeing the terrors and death inside of Zomboss' laboratory, and joins the Plants afterwards. Bloomerang is selected to use Lily Pad for this episode, and does really well in taking out both Pirate Zombie and Zombotany 1. Afterwards, Bloomerang and Lily Pad happen to be some of the last plants left, and as such Bloomerang claims leadership role.


  • Once hated amongst the community, once he calmed down, people began to like Bloomerang.