"PUT THE LITTLE MAN DOWN!!!" - Arnold, on various occasions.

Arnold is a gargantuan sized zombie. He is not very smart, but is quite strong and possesses quite fancy shoes unlike other zombies. Arnold first appeared in Plants vs. Zombies Plush: The Control Point.

Appearance Edit

Arnold is larger than most of the other zombies. He has a red shirt, with blue pants, fancy brown shoes, and hulking muscles. On his back is his best friend, Little Munchkin Oompa Loompa Dude, who rides in a brown sack, hanging onto Arnold via two ropes.

Background Edit

Though it is unknown how Arnold became a zombie, he first met Little Munckin Oompa Loompa Dude in a garden. Little Munckin Oompa Loompa Dude had been harassed by a gnome over carrots, so Arnold attempted to fight him to help Little Munchkin. The two realized that they are essential for each other, and decided to help each other from then on out.

Episode Appearances Edit

Starting with "The Control Point", Arnold and Little Munchkin have appeared in every single episode of Plants vs. Zombies Plush.

Arnold made an appearance in the 11th Episode of Cooking ala Chef Piggy.

Quotes Edit

"But Arnold can't withstand special attack!"

"Little Munchkin, save yourself!"

"Me name Arnold, Me name Arnold.."

"Me buff. Me name Arnold."

"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size!"

"FE-FI-FO-FUM! Arnold gonna crush you, you called him dumb!"

"Where did little Munchkin go?"

Trivia Edit

  • Arnold is one of the few zombies to obtain the brains.
  • Technically, Arnold is a member of the Graveyard Ops as the "Special Operations" unit.
  • Although Arnold refers to Little Munchkin as a Baby, Little Munchkin is actually 45, making him older than Arnold.

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